About Me

My purpose is to help you achieve well-being, satisfaction, and happiness in your life, through the organizing of homes and offices.

My goal is to be an agent of transformation and inspiration and bring organization to your life, in a cheerful and personalized way, in person or online. 

Fe Borges

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and worked in the hotel industry for 15 years of which 10 were specifically dedicated to the field of Quality Process. From an early age, I have demonstrated strong organizational skills and have always liked ‘the right things’ and ‘everything in its proper place’ which have contributed to my professional development.

Through a successful work with a professional career coach, I concluded that my mission in life should involve ‘keeping order’ and ‘helping people’, therefore,  in 2016, I decided to put that into practice and began working as a Professional Organizer.

I have completed several courses with renowned professionals and institutions in the field of Organization and have also participated in related events and conferences in Brazil and Canada, thus improving both my knowledge and the techniques used in my line of work.

My goal is to bring cheerfulness to organizing. I walk through every step of a project with my clients, always respecting their preferrences and limitations, making the organizational process a pleasant and constructive activity. As a result of this process, you will have a system that works for you, peace of mind, and more time to enjoy what really matters to you.

In 2017, I moved to Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada) and my life changed completely! I had to adapt to a new culture, language and climate, and my organizational skills were essential to completing this process successfully.

I believe that organizing should be a joyous experience. However, it is not superficial and can transform people´s lives. If I can somehow inspire you to take the first step towards this transformation and contribute to your happiness, you can know that you are making me happy too – happy to see that my purpose and goal are being achieved!

My Brand

“Tetris” (a famous game of the 80s / 90s) which alludes to a puzzle, and the organizing process often seems to be a big puzzle where you should have an overall view and seek the best fit to achieve the results.

In the background you can see the letter “F”, which is my initial! I often say that I am the missing piece in people´s lives 😊 .

The colours symbolize the joy, the ease and the lightness that I try to bring to my projects. In addition, they follow the sequence of a color palette, which also conveys criteria and organization.

Finally, the predominance of the lilac color – which I love – conveys the meaning of energy transmutation.