Which services can I offer you?

Home Organizing

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of life’s demands and organizing your home is the last thing you want to do? You cannot find your belongings because they are scattered all over the house? Do you feel frustrated with the “lack” of space in your home? You are unsure of where to begin?

I am here to help!  It could be just your closet, your kitchen, or the whole house. It depends on your needs!

The home project involves the analysis of the space, objects, and needs of the people who use the space. We will create a system that works for your household, and you will find out that you have more space than you imagined.

Office Organizing

Do you have piles of papers everywhere? Do you have difficulty finding important documents?  Do you miss important deadlines? You may need a system!

It could be organizing your files and documents, or maybe even your physical space.

An organized office will provide more productivity for the entire team and give you more time to think strategically.

Consulting Project – “I´ll be there for you”

This service is suitable for those who like organizing and have the time, but need some motivation, action tips, and professional strategies. If you are this person, then this project may be perfect for you!

In the Consulting Project – “I´ll be there for you!” I teach you the hands-on work process! It can be done in person or online, whatever works best for you!

Through regular sessions, I will guide you on how to organize your space and give you some homework to do!


This project includes:

  • 1 session for needs assessment and action plan creation (1.5 hour session)
  • 3 organizing sessions (2.5 hours each session)
  • 1 session after 30 days for adjustments (1 hour session)
  • A list of suggestions of specific organizing products for your project
  • Support in between sessions (online or by phone)


CAD 500.00*

“Pick my brain” Solution

If you like organizing and have time but need direction, the “pick my brain solution” may be a good option for you!

During an hourly session, you will open your heart to me, explaining what your challenges, needs, and expectations are.

I will give you detailed ideas, tips, and organizing product suggestions so that you can organize your space – by yourself and at your own pace.


CAD 55.00* / hour (minimum 2 hours)

*Other fees may apply if the project is outside of the Greater Moncton Area.


Organizing provides many benefits to our daily lives and all the projects are focused on bringing those benefits to people’s lives.

How does an Organizing Project work?

Why should you hire a Professional Organizer?

Because you don´t have time

Eight hours of sleep, one hour in traffic, eight hours at work, one hour at the gym – six hours left for you to prepare healthy meals, feed, and take care of yourself, the house, and the family. Are you missing hours in your day?!

Because you want to dedicate your free time to things that satisfy you the most
How about reading more, going to the movies, having a weekend in the park, or having dinner with friends?
Because you like to see things organized, but don’t like to organize them.
For various reasons, you may not like to organize things and this is perfectly normal; just as not everyone was born to sell or to be the CEO of a large company.
A Professional Organizer is going to help you find differentiated solutions

A Professional Organizer has experience working in several spaces – not just their own home or office, and is always looking for new trends in organization through courses and personal research. This experience gives the professional a different perception of your space.